Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to Effectively Manage Arthritic Pain

The pain felt by men and women who have arthritis is already constant part of their life, health experts believe. There are many treatment options for arthritis but the main focus of treatment is to manage pain, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), without sacrificing the quality of life. Health care providers recommend that people who are at risk of developing any kind of arthritis to be knowledgeable in the disease process. Knowing the course of the disease will help individuals at risk make wise decisions concerning their health and may even aid in avoiding drastic measures like having a hip replacement operation. Those who have had problems with their hip implants have filed their claims as the deadline for ASR claims has already passed.

There are many options to try when alleviating hip pain but not all people may benefit from it because each person may react differently from various treatment methods. In some cases, the patient may need to be more persistent when it comes to trying out treatments because the desired effect may not be felt immediately. This means that one has to know all the other options to be able to effectively deal with the pain. The more options are available, the higher the chances for relief. The CDC has even prepared a program in helping individuals with arthritis manage their pain.

The Arthritis Self Management Program of the CDC helps educate the public on ways to keep the pain in check. Here are some tips in managing the pain and other symptoms:

-      Stay positive and avoid stress or being depressed. It was found that those who are depressed and anxious are more prone to experience pain.

-      Stay active and maintain an ideal weight. Although it may be painful at first, staying active helps lessen the pain in the long run and also keeps the joint mobile. If joint exercises are neglected, it may cause more pain and stiffness.

-      Protect the joints from trauma. Accidents are preventable. It is important to avoid certain activities that may cause damage to the joint.

-      Take medications as directed. The pain medications will generally ease the discomfort but needs to be used alongside with the abovementioned methods.

These methods may do well in preventing the disease from progressing but if now, people may decide to undergo a hip replacement operation. Though there are some issues that were found to be caused by hip implants that resulted to a DePuy hip recall.

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